The Real Meaning Of LGBT - A Short History

Graphic designer Mike Vasilev recently designed this delightful and informative infographic for us. Aside from its charmingly retro flair, it hits upon several integral factoids that many within our community may not be aware of. Sometimes in life we think it's not important to know something unless it directly affects us. Maybe we don't care to learn about "G" issues if we're "L," or "T" issues if we're "B." But we all exist underneath the LGBT umbrella and, as such, it's important we maintain the type of empathy that can only be derived from the comprehensive knowledge of what each facet of that "umbrella" has struggled through. Likewise, many LGBT youth may be so preoccupied with their very real struggles of the moment and fail to see the relevance of our shared history to their lives. It's important to see faces like ours, and to hear voices like ours from every place and time, deriving strength and inspiration from them, all the while, keeping in mind that much of the information provided in this infographic is not taught in schools. We must preserve our own history, embrace it and share the positive changes brought about by the trailblazing pioneers of yesterday because as the old adage states, "those who fail to learn from the past, are doomed to repeat it."


Greg Zukowski said...

Very Cool!

UDGLBT said...

thanks Mike - this is GREAT!!!