World AIDS Day, 2009

December 1st was World AIDS Day. The time to remember, among other days, this disease that takes so many lives. This year is the twenty first anniversary of the first World AIDS Day. It seems like the more time that goes by, the more apathy develops about this disease.
Still, people die every day. Awareness lacks in terms of the dangers of transmission. We have become complacent, because no matter what the virus does and can do to us, many people do not change their minds, their hearts, their behaviors in regard to it. It is 100 percent preventable these days from the most frequent transmission means: unprotected sexual contact and IV drug use.
Please, say a prayer, wear a ribbon, read about it, talk about it, do SOMETHING.
Please, let us never forget all of those that have perished as a result of this horrible illness, and how we need to keep ourselves and others safe. Remember those who are fighting this illness every day of their lives. Reach out. Connect. Share your love and your heart with someone who is affected by this.

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