CRAZY GOOD LUCK Comes to Milford

For those of you who know Karen MacIntyre, you know she is an amazing dancer. But did you know she is also a gifted writer and actor? A few years ago Karen broke out of the box - the results - Crazy Good Luck. This one woman show is an artful blend of song, dance and monologues, all created and performed by Karen.

She weaves together four separate, yet related stories addressing gender, friendship, love and family. Through song, dance and word, one experiences a range of emotion when women are define by their breasts and men by their genitals.

When i first saw this performance, I knew it was exactly the kind of thing The Upper Delaware GLBT Center should be bringing to the community. It raises awareness and and helps to breaks down the barriers that divide us. Of course, trying to schedule it to accommodate Karen's busy schedule was a challenge. She will be in New York City for the last few weeks in August performing Crazy Good Luck at the prestigious New York International Fringe Festival. Then it's back to Texas where she will continue her creative endeavours and teaching at Green Space Arts Collective in Denton, Texas, which she owns and directs, and at North Central Texas College where she teaches in the dance and drama department.

The Upper Delaware GLBT Center is pleased to be able to offer Crazy Good Luck and thanks Karen for her willingness to work with us to make it happen. Join us for her performance on Saturday, July 25, at Mt. Haven Resort, Milford, PA. (for direction go to http://www.mthavenresort.com/) Cocktail hour is between 2:00 and 3:00. Following her performance ,which begins at 3:00, there will be an opportunity to discuss the work with Karen. Tickets are $20 and available at the door.

See you on Saturday!

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