GLBT Events in YOUR County

The Upper Delaware GLBT Center (UDGLBT) is ready to take its next step. We are planning ‘Meet and Greet’ events in each of the 4 counties we will be serving – Pike County, Pa., Sussex County, NJ, and Sullivan and Orange Counties in NY.
The events will be informal, fun and…
· free and open to the GLBT community and friends,
· provide an opportunity to meet GLBT people in each geographic area,
· provide an overview of what the UDGLBT is planning,
· give everyone an opportunity to have input into how we can best serve the GLBT community in your county, and
· let you know how you can help and become an active member.
We are looking for volunteers who would like to join a committee in each county to help plan these ‘Meet and Greet’ events. Danielle, Lori and Kathy have volunteered to put the Sullivan County event together and Arnold is checking into places in Pike and Orange counties. Lisa and Diane are planning a separate event for GLBT families. But we need more help. So… now is a great time for all of you who have been asking, “What can I do?” to get involved. We can use your time, talent and energy and if you don’t have any of those, we can use your money!
It promises to be a gay ole time so step up, join in and help us make it
okay to be out!


Anonymous said...

Event to be held at UpFront Exhibition Space, 31 Jersey Avenue, Port Jervis NY 12771. May 23rd 6-9PM. See Facebook page UpFront Exhibition Space for more information

Anonymous said...

I have an event too. See www.scdw.net for the info on Bent a drama about the persecution of gays in the holocaust - June 4-13 in South Fallsburg, New York