Pride Weekend - a Huge Success

A HUGE thank you to Cary Giacalone and Kris Jarmann for coordinating our Pride events. Our activities began by marching in the NYC Pride Parade. With Miranda Southwell and Shay Neary leading the way, our group of more than 50 marched behind our beautiful banner designed by none  other than  Upper Delaware GLBT board member and graphic artist, Lori Malone. 
But there were more than marchers behind that banner. Driving a vintage 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser, Sue Stark had in tow a pink, velvet lined canoe, the custom made vessel for our "Queen of the Delaware." Our thanks to Dominick and his crew for converting this abandond river cruiser into a throne fit for a Queen, a Drag Queen that is!

The following weekend Milford was the site for our celebration. Saturday night began with the Laugh Tour, a queer comedy show with Rick Kiamco, Allison Forms, Frank Liotti and headliner Jessica Kirson. What a show!!! Everyone loved it and few could remember when they laughed so hard. Based on the great feedback, it looks like another Laugh Tour show will be happening again in the Fall!! 

But the night did not end with the comedy show. Following the show everyone strolled down the street to the Tom Quick where "Sugar" welcomed all to our pride dance.  Who knew Sugar had so many outfits?

The fun continued on Sunday with a family picnic at Milford Beach. More than 125 people came together from the Upper Delware GLBTCenter's diverse and accepting community. Gay and lesbian headed families, gay dads, couples, singles, transguys and transwomen, young and old,  grandmothers and grandfathers, kids with two moms and two dads, straight, bi, gay, and lesbians, all joined together for a day of acceptance, fun and some very good food.


Pride 2012

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